Controller battery drain

First flight using an iPad connected to the lower USB port as opposed to phone and I found that the controller battery had discharged to 33% after just 1 flight.
Now I thought the controller battery would have lasted longer using this configuration so I was well disappointed .
Has anyone else had a similar experience ?

That does sound strange since, as far as I was aware (not that I’m an “i” user) there is no recharging of the device (from either port) when using “i” devices … or was it that one can turn this off on “i” devices? I forget!

Unlike Android devices that most definitely do charge off both ports - and (without rooting) it cannot be prevented.
Personally I’ve never found this a problem, more an annoyance, since it’s always been the MP batteries that are dead before either the RC or my phone.
I WOULD like to be able to switch the frigging charging off, if I want to, though.

(The other annoyance is that the RC battery seems to deplete faster than should be expected when not in use! … and this rate seems to vary for no apparent reason!)

Yes… I figured that as I was using the controller USB port that doesn’t supply any power the controller would last much longer.

Even so - 33% after one flight seems really strange.

I flew for about a year on an iPad Mini 2, wedged in between the phone grips, using the bottom port.

Not once did the controller attempt to charge the iPad.

I’m pretty sure that’s not even possible on iOS devices @joe.k ?

Did the iPad say it was being charged?!

Are you on an official Apple cable? :thinking: I ran a right-angled Toways for a while, then an Anker, none of which ever exhibited this behaviour.

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IPad definately wasn’t charging .
This has got me thinking if I used my eyes correctly .
I’m 2 days away from home to recheck - I’ve uploaded flight to airdata so I’ll check there if I can.

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