Is to possible to program the Mavic to land somewhere remote from the controller by using coordinates ?

I think litchi lets you create a one way waypoint mission with landing as final action.

Only issue you might have is landing protection not liking the landing spot and hovering. You would need to check out landing spot ahead of time and make sure it’s a flat with no people etc.

Not tried this one myself.

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Thanks again @callum
I was thinking take off from a beach and fly to caravan. Remotely control final landing stage and my wife could pick it up and take it inside

If you’re on Android, you could set your device location to where you want to land using “Fake GPS”, and then, when airborne, set the RTH home to “your location” (which would be the landing area from Fake GPS). Then just press RTH.

In your scenario, the interesting thing is you could test it whilst being close enough to monitor the landing before your “beach to caravan” exercise, and “Fake GPS” retains the location so you can just fire it up again when you do the real thing.

Also - “Fake GPS” is a free option rather than £££ for Litchi.

Remember - if you do this - to set your RTH altitude at a height above your take-off to clear all obstacles on route and in the area MEASURED FROM BEACH HEIGHT, not caravan height.

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@OzoneVibe good advice there. I wouldn’t think about changing the height setting.
Free sounds good but I’m on iOS

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