Corfu - Drone flying?

Possible Hols to Corfu.
Am I right in assuming (I know as Drone users we should never assume), that I can fly in a CTR (Control Zone) as long as I keep below 400ft?
I ask, as I am planning a trip to Corfu this July, taking my drone (my wife is coming as well), and I see that it’s pretty good for drone flying.
We will be staying in San Stefanos, located in the North West corner of the island, which according to the DAGR website has the usual NFZ etc, but it has a large CRT that cuts into parts of the “Free Air Space”.
See image below:

The HCAA (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority) have pretty much the same rules as we do:
Keep below 120 meters, drone must be within a max of 50 meters away from you and of course in line of sight in permitted areas.
You can ask for permission to fly further away than 50 meters.

So looking at the map, excluding the 8km NFZ around the airport and the Local Flying Areas, would it be a fair assumption that flying in the Controlled zone is Ok?

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Take a look at …

… and …

May not ever your specific question, but those links do provide useful info by country.

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