Corrupt video files

Several times recently I have inadvertently turned off my mini 2 without stopping the video recording via the DJI fly app. This has resulted in the video being saved but also being corrupt. :weary::see_no_evil:

This latest time was due to the excitement of having filmed a kestrel sat on a dry stone wall and forgetting myself when I landed, doh.

I was determined to recover the footage so did a lot of googling and found this free way to recover corrupt video files.

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One think I do NOT like about my AIR2S is that with my Mavic, takeoff auto starts the camera recording and landing auto turns it off, BUT with the AIR2S no such luxury, I have to start and stop manually and it’s an enormous PIA :rage: causing some corrupted files.

Does anybody know if there is a way to make it behave like the Mavic?


If you do turn off your mini 2 before stopping the recording, all that has happened is that the app has been unable to finalise the file, it’s not actually corrupt. All you have to do is turn the mini 2 back on and hit record (no need to be in flight). The app will finalise the previous file before it starts a new recording.

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Hi John
Is this guaranteed to work every time :thinking:

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Thank you for that :+1:t2::+1:t2: I usually don’t realise what I’ve done until everything is packed away and app closed and memory card in the computer. Will this work under those circumstances or just if you realise straight away?

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Just pop the card back in the drone, power it up, and hit record

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It has for me. I’m forever forgetting to stop recording. I usually remember when I’m packing my drone away :grimacing:

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I’ve done that too. I’ve found out about the last video file when I’m downloading, so I turn the drone back on, usually on my desk lol and pop the card back in, hit record for a few seconds. Then stop recording and pop the card back in to your card reader, you should find all files have been finalised.

I discovered this when filming a wedding on one of my GH5’s. Battery went suddenly while recording.

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No need to even press record when you turn it back on, the Mini’s boot processes close the video file. Boot the drone with the card in.


Thanks for this info guys, appreciated :+1: