Corrupt Video

Hello all
I have recently recorded a video but when i try to watch it in my windows pc its just comes up as a black screen with the video time stamp. I though it was a bad sd card but when i friend trying it on his drone it worked fine.

The ones working were from my friends drone

Maybe H265 encoded and you don’t have the codecs needed to play them ?

Oh and welcome to GADC

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If somehow they’ve been truncated you can try using untrunc to repair the files

how do i go about to codecs to play them
and thank you :smiley:

Says i need to have a similer video and device to fix it, but the working videos i have are my friends which he took from his mini 2 while all my videos were from mini 3 pro. Would untrunc still work and repair it?

Typically you need a working video from the same device. They dont have to be taken at the same time though, so if you get another working video at some point it will be able to use it.

VLC supports H265 and should come with the codecs otherwise they are free on the windows store here. I’m guessing if this is on all your mini 3 video and you have HEVEC/H.265 enabled in the drone you are just missing the codec

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@Bobbysmile @milkmanchris I managed to fix it by downlading the free h265 codec from the windows app. Thank you very much for the help :smiley:
At the same time i also realised the previous videos were H264, am guessing i just have to find and download the codec for it as well.

H264 is much older and plays on just about anything

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it seems like the H264 video won’t play for me looks like I will have to take new videos using H265

If you install VLC player it will install the codecs required for most video formats.

Mini 2 is H264 only so if your friends play ok so should yours

for some reason it’s not :confused:

I use it but for some reason, I cant convert it so that I can use it for premiere pro

I have managed to solve the problem with the H264 videos, I used Handbreak to convert the files to H265 and it worked.

Thank you all for the help and advice.