Corrupted Video files

Hi all.

I have been out on the field today, and wanted a few of the DVR clips (for once!). Seems a few are corrupted. They are large in size (sometimes I get some corrupted tiny files), which is fine as they probably have no data, but these are 400/500 MB like the other OK files in there.

Cobra X H264/Mov fotmat files. I’ve tried uploading to youtube, but didn’t work, surely it’s just a corrupt header/unfinished recording, etc. Anyone who any other tool that may be able to help (VLC didn’t either). Surely must be usable data in there at that size!!

All I’ve seen in the past is paid for versions that recover them. If there is a free way of doing it, I’d like to know.

Without knowing what you tried to do with VLC, it’s impossible to say whether it can repiar the file or not. Assuming you have done everything, including renaming the fie to .avi and trying to repair it that way and nothing worked, have a go with Untrunc: GitHub - anthwlock/untrunc: Restore a truncated mp4/mov. Improved version of ponchio/untrunc

Was literally about to post my untrunc results… It worked!

Free solution @notveryprettyboy

Unfortunately not the recording I wanted…

Next question… How do I press record on my DVR 8 hours ago please?

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Thought I had mentioned untrunc in my original post. I hadn’t! Just couldn’t run it hours ago!

I’ve just used untrunc-gui to fix a corrupt MP4 file from my dji mini 2.
Just enter your faulty file name in ‘truncated file’, e.g. D:\faulty.MP4,
a reference (working file) in ‘reference’., e.g. D:\Reference.MP4,
then click ‘repair’.
It was fixed within seconds.

On my Windows 10, 64 bit computer, I got untrunc_x64-gui from GitHub - anthwlock/untrunc: Restore a truncated mp4/mov. Improved version of ponchio/untrunc, searched for then selected ‘windows build’ then ‘Latest’.
I then downloaded ‘’. This needed unzipping before use.
There is a 32-bit version available.
Hope this helps somebody.