Cotswolds - Can anyone suggest a couple of TOL spots please?

Ok, so first things first - hello again!

No I’m not dead. Sorry to have been so quiet. All things drone have taken a bit of a back seat for me over the last couple of years as life got in the way. Covid etc, and I’ve written two books.

I’m planning on getting out there and actually turning on the old grey bird* over the next few days. We’re going to be heading over to the Cotswolds area for a few days and there’s a couple of sights I fancy buzzing around. Anyone got any recommended locations for take-off & landing around any of the sites below? A bit of local knowledge is always welcomed and might help avoiding some busybody from English Heritage:

Belas Knapp Long Barrow
Nympsfield Long Barrow
Rollright Stones
Broadway Tower.

Thanks for your help!

*any references to my other half at this point & she’ll not be happy…

When I last went Broadway Tower there were no drone signs. To TOAL from the lay-by near by. Although I hear now they do allow drones if you give them a bell beforehand.

ETA: Edit Thread title to include Cotswolds and you might get a bit more interest. I only clicked this topic by pure chance because I was bored.

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All these area within driving distance :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

So the good news is - I went and I flew - for the first time in two years! Yay!

The bad news is…I’m rusty. Igot some nice blurry photos of the Belas Knapp Long Barrow, and some nice blurry photos of the Rollright Stones. I didn’t focus on either occasion, so it’s my own stupid fault.

Bugger, and bugger.

The other good news is that there’s a really nice view from the Broadway Tower, and there are no signs banning drones. There’s plenty of wide open space for a TOAL point, and you could get a really good shot of the Broadway Tower in the surrounding landscape.

The other bad news is when we went, it was foggy. There was no view, and too much moisture in the air to fly.

Thrice bugger.

I’ll just have to go back. Not for a while though. It’s a long way from Norwich!