Could someone 3D print something for me please?

Hi everyone,

I know we have a few people with 3D printers in GADC and I was wondering if I could grab a favour?

Could someone print me two of these?

They’re only small (I think!)

I will of course pay for all filament costs, and postage :+1:

Thanks in advance for any offers of help :blush:

I’ll try a print with my old nozzles having just received the wrong once from Banggood.

Should be 2mm, I’ll print in the morning and let you know how they come out.

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Is this model handed? should there be a left and a right?

Top man :+1:

I don’t think so Colin, just turn it up the other way for the other arm I guess? :slight_smile:

it can be mirrored on the printer, it just reverses the text. it will be interesting to see where it fits. If Njoro cant do it, i will, mate.

Looking at the blue one enlarged in Thing view I would say they are not meant to be handed.
It looks like they are possibly just fixed using cable ties to one of the arms.

I might be interested in some of these myself, let me know how much as I was thinking of getting some Flytron strobes.

BTW Rich, there is a guy on Facebook selling some nice Inspire 1 goodies, for example,
Inspak x5 in carbon for inspire 1 new £70
1 x TB48 battery in black has had 6 charges 1hrs use £135

Yup, confirmed :+1:

Damned batteries! They’re soooooo expensive, even second hand!

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Thanks Colin! :+1:

Just fired up the printer, a little late than I wanted to, nozzle cleaned and looking good so far,sliced for 1 Hr 6 min each.

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I don’t know if that’s quick or slow :blush:

But either way, thanks @Njoro, very grateful!

How much would these cost for a pair please @Njoro?

Quickish, printing at 0.4mm, is this the strobe that’s going to be used? If it is I’ll be able to test the fit straight away.

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To be fair to the designer, and the spirit of Thingiverse I’d say the cost of electricity and filament used. I know just how much time it takes to design something from scratch and I haven’t done that in this case.
I’ll print you a pair and let you agonis over what you’d like to contribute towards the print.
Is that fair?

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Thank you, that’s fair but also I wouldn’t have a clue what that would cost either :blush:

Got a refund from Bangood, I paid £6.12 for these nozzles first offer was 600 Bangood points, then $6 and since when is $6 equal to £6? I held out for my £6.12 to Paypal.


Yup, that’s the one mate!

Just about to finish.



Test print done, looks OK.

PM address,


That looks great.
I still have no idea as to what the cost would be though, @PingSpike any idea?