Craigavon Lakes (South Lake) - Northern Ireland

So here’s my 1st go at editing a drone video (go ahead, give me your worst, I can take it, LOL!!) I had shot a load of video here yesterday when it was quite cloudy (as it is here most of the time) but then today there was beautiful blue skies and very little wind, so I called in on my way past today and re-shot the footage. (apologies in advance if you don’t like the background music, I liked it when I started editing but by the end was not so impressed with it :stuck_out_tongue: )

I added the location to DroneScene Craigavon Lakes (South Lake) - Added to Lakes and Reservoirs in Northern Ireland

(ps, I was lying when I said I can take your worst :sweat_smile: )


So it seems like something was really screwed up with the video export settings on that video, it was somehow exported at the same bitrate as Full HD, but it was 4k :thinking:

So I’ve re-uploaded it with approx 10x the bitrate (just to be sure) and removed the poor quality one.

(it’s still processing the HD & 4k versions)