Crazy Mini 2 gimbal after repair

Hi all. I have just replaced the gimbal flex cable in my Mini 2 after a crash. It looked pretty hopeful when I first turned it on but then goes crazy. Has anyone seen this before? The repair went smoothly and I’ve checked all the connectors.

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Hi Andrew, coincidentally, I performed a similar repair back in September, which also when well. Or so I thought. When powered on, my gimbal went through the default motions, but then shook like yours.

I’d replaced it with items from Replace Base, and this was the 3-in-1 ribbon I had used.

I then sent it to Drone Doctor who responded after a few days saying:

The non OEM cable does not appear to work correctly from the testing we’ve done. We have seen a lot of problems with these cables in the past so we err on the side of caution anyway and quote for replacements.

He said the cable won’t be in stock for at least 4 weeks, so I told him to return it. I then claimed against DJI Care Refresh instead.

Not sure if this is the same issue. But thought i’d better let you know.

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P.S. well done by the way. I was quite surprised on how fiddly the repair actually was. Won’t be doing that again in a hurry :joy:

Its like its saying no no no ;o)

Hey thanks Chris. That’s very interesting. Mine was from a different supplier but not a genuine one. You just sort of assume a cable is a cable, not like it’s a chip or something. I was worried I may have skewed one of the tiny connectors but I’ve checked them all.
It was a slightly difficult job, as you say, but I think worth doing if I can find a genuine cable.
Thanks again.

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Yeah but no but yeah but no but …

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Ash not sure how you got on with the cable replacement and if you sorted the gimbal but came across this calibration procedure that might help, not sure it it will but if your still having issues might be worth a try

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@ash2020 did you try this?

It’s coz it’s on its back. It’s trying to right itself :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I didn’t Wayne. It was shaking about like crazy so I figured it was more than calibration. I might give it a go though. Thanks.