Creality Ender-3 S1 3D Printer £229

I following this thread with appreciation and done alot of research and weigh up the odds if I would use it enough and can I learn something new, spoke to my son who can design said he do all the hard work for me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seen this one and if I don’t buy I know it’s a good deal not to share.


So when’s it being delivered, Mark? :rofl:

@Steviegeek owns this printer :+1:t2: its a very good printer and if it really is £229 then thats a steal so I’d check out if it is 100% legit before parting with your cash :+1:t2:

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Don’t know about the printer but CCL have been about a lot of years, I’ve had lots of bits off them (Bradford based)

then yes @ziceman It’s definitely worth picking up for that price :+1:t2: but just keep in mind, 3D printing is a hobby in itself :+1:t2:

When I find a place that the wife allows it to stay :disappointed_relieved:

Mine’s on a worktop in the kitchen—printer that is, the wife is beside me on sofa!

Yep, I paid £348 and that was good price so make sure your £229 is genuine


I’ve had an Anet A8 since 2017, and at around £150 it’s a brilliant printer IF SET UP PROPERLY.
It’s basically a Prusa 3 on which a lot of the cheaper printers are based.
One piece of advice for anyone thinking of going down the ANET rabbit hole … upgrade the firmware to MARLIN 1.1.9 ASAP
Google it. It has a very important safety feature missing from the stock firmware. I.e thermal runaway protection.

Just to back up what @milkmanchris said, I’ve been using CCL for many years and never once had a problem with them. Always a reliable place to buy from in my experience.

I have that printer, it’s a good little printer. Bit slow and don’t expect huge prints (nor small electricity bills) but I recommend it…

I have this. Does the job. Very cheap.

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