Crew-less Droneliner may one day slash the cost of airfreight

Single engine, able to transport shipping containers and unmanned: what’s not to like?!

it will probably happen but the use of shipping containers is not very efficient…

A 10ft shipping container weighs in the region of 1 tonne. A 20ft shipping container weighs in the region of 1.8 tonne to 2.2 tonne. A 40ft shipping container weighs in the region of 3.8 tonne to 4.2 tonne

that is dead weight where as if they use the current cargo hold containers then they don’t carry such a weight premium

Honestly can’t see this happening in my lifetime. ( a bit like the FAA’s vision of the future) :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

… depends how close to the box you are :wink: … can’t imagine too many pilots being keen being replaced by ai or tech

never really thought about it… but what happens when the plane looses remote control… what happens with a reaper… does it rth… or just circle the drain awaiting link reconnection

I’ll send mine up whilst the neighbours are sleeping tonight and turn off the remote controller. If there’s a few buildings in the East Midlands get destroyed by missiles, it’s nowt to do wi me :wink::wink:

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