Critiques and advice please

Playing around with Luminar Neo on a couple of JPGs from 2022.
Interested in hearing opinions and advice on the outcomes.

Knaresborough unedited


Ilkley Cow & Calf unedited


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Edited Knaresborough has too much HDR so its looks not real, almost model or game like

As for the Cow and Calf, if you’re going to edit then I’d remove the people at the same time, and concentrate on the blown out sky

Apart from that, whats not to like its Yorkshire ;o)

@markfull 1st one is a little over saturated Mark (rich for me I know), you could have brought out the contrast and colour of the buildings but rein back a bit on the trees and grass as they look a tad luminous.

The second looked over exposed in places and dark in others to me, so I would have replaced the sky and reduce the gain, but increased the shadows of the cliff face. I like the people in the scene in the background but could lose those in the foreground as it gives more of an idea of the scale of the outcrop behind but not draw the attention elsewhere.

This is what I would have probably done, but beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder!