Crossfire channel mapping

I’ve bound the nano crsfr RX, but only stick movements are showing up on BetaFlight, none of the switch movements so I obvs can’t do anything…

I’m using a micro set up on the back of an xlite , I’ve fiddled around in the Lua and the mapping but haven’t cracked the problem yet and it’s starting to get frustrating…

Any ideas?

The mapping should be ok if you’ve got stick movements. It’s either the switch assignments in open tx on your radio (I haven’t used opentx, just freedom tx. But they should be similar) or the modes tab in BF

Have you assigned switches to the channels in the Mixer widow?

By default only the stick inputs will be assigned, you have to manually configure any other operations via the Mixer menu.

My typical Betaflight config:


By George, you’re RIGHT!

Thanks buddy

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You’re welcome. They’re the same growing pains that we’ve all gone through.