Cruising with my tinyhawk freestyle 2

Just a nice simple cruise with my tinyhawk freestyle 2 fairly long range for such a small little quad. I just enjoyed cruising around enjoying the view on a nice sunny day. Enjoy :grin:

Edit: No idea why my OSD is getting its strobe on lol wasn’t like that in my goggles guessing YT is messing with it.


With your setup, you could probably fly 2 mins out then fly back?

Yeah possibly didn’t want to push it to far without either a GPS module or a spotter incase I lost video and had to dump it I’d never find it again lol


Have faith mate. I’ve been nearly 1km with the thfs on 200mw

Nice flying Deano :ok_hand:t2: That strobe osd is a little distracting though. On a plus side I’m pretty sure I don’t have epilepsy now

Just noticed you have LQ rather than RSSI . What’s the difference between the two? And which is better to use?

I haven’t changed the OSD since my upgrades, but for crossfire definitely LQ.

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That’s where I’m at with the thfs2.
Gps needs fitting before I properly range test it.

20 mins searching a football field yesterday when I decided to do some tricks :man_facepalming:

Enjoyed the video. Some nice flying there mate


haha thought i was the only 1 …spent hours looking for my moblite 7 and just my luck on my very last attempt , it was closer than i thought but opposite direction . Blooming hard to know once you have the goggles on :rofl:

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Yeah and on these small quads the DShot beeper isn’t much use either lol

Nah it’s almost every time I go out flying tbh

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