CrystalSky firmware updates

After over a year, DJI have released a firmware update for the CrystalSky.

It jumps significantly from V02.06.06.00 to V3.0.2.0.


  • Updated the DJI GO 4 app to version 4.3.16.
  • Updated the DJI Pilot Beta app to version 1.6.1.
  • Optimized system stability.
  • Optimized the performance of CrystalSky in high-temperature environments.
  • Optimized video transmission.


If you have rooted your CrystakSky you might not want to install this update just yet as it is NOT yet known if this version can be rooted. If you upgrade, you risk losing root.

Release notes:

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The Go 4 app at 4.3.16 lags somewhat behind the current Smart Controller and other Android devices which are at 4.3.29 and 4.3.28 for iOS. No biggy as it works OK.

Mind you

Optimized the performance of CrystalSky in high-temperature environments

is welcome currently in the UK.

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I have been setting up and doing firmware updates for Inspire 2, Cendence x 2, CS x2.
One of the CS monitors was OK and updated firmware to v3.0.2.0 and then Go Pilot via v1.6 to v1.8 which was at beta in the old firmware. The other CS was not OK. It had firmware prior to V3.0.2.0 and any attempt to update gave a firmware check failed error repeatedly without even selecting update… Not only that but looking at the WiFi connection it was connecting and not connecting repeatedly and seemed to be refreshing all available connections for fun. Clearly no problem with my WiFi as the other CS was rock solid and updated everything easily.

I download the latest firmware on PC rather than the CS to be sure and onto a SD card. Stuck the SD card in 1 of the CS slots and via Settings/Update selected via the … ( 3dots) menu top right of screen the Local Update option and then selected Update. This didn’t take long and V3.0.2.0 was installed.

HTH someone when firmware updates fail as so often seems to happen with Android versions of the software. The Smart Controller also seems to have similar update issues on occasion. Currently mine isn’t even recognised by Assistant 2 software of PC but fortunately will update in situ…

There is apparently a firmware update a few days ago for the SC which enables use with an Air 2 but not unfortunately for me the Air !

Thanks for sharing the tips @johnbirt :+1:t2: