CrystalSky latest update

Has anyone used the latest update, the one with waypoints? I’m still on ver. .2.3.0 'cause it works OK for me but don’t want to update if it causes problems.

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Its still probably worth updating … not sure if it only adds the waypoints or they normally fix plenty of bugs along the way with rolled out updates, .and with the CS theres plenty…
I already discovered a bug with the update and posted it in the CS forums over at DJI.

Theres quite a few posts regarding waypoints in both positive and negative feedback. To me it feels like a beta. Something they just pushed out as quickly as they could …

Waypoints is ok, not great just ok. You cant even plan a route sat at your PC without your mavic being powered on so it kinda defeats the object.

Thanks for the reply, will probably hold off for the time being then

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