CrystalSky offline maps for DJI Pilot and GO4?

I want to use dji pilot mapping feature. However i tried to download the offline map and the download screen just keeps loading and does not allow me to download. Why is this?
Does anyone know a way to download externally and then just copy the map file across to my CS?
Also is there a way to download a more detailed offline map for dji go4?

I usually go to “Google Maps” and download the area I am flying.
Not sure whether CS works in a similar way.

Thanks for your reply
how does this work?
I cant see an option to import a downloaded map
?? maybe this does not work for crystal sky?

Is your app running an old version?

If so, the map API keys have probably expired.

Which mapping provider does the Pilot app use?

Can you update the app itself (from within the app!), rather than doing a whole firmware update?

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Hi @PingSpike
I have updated to the latest app version.
Pilot uses the same offline map as dji go 4 which was why I wondered if there is a way to find the downloaded map file in the go 4 app storage then copy it over to the correct place in the pilot app?