Crystalsky or iPad mini

I’m in the market for a larger screen and am torn between the larger Crystalsky (1000nits) or an iPad mini. Can anyone offer advice as to which way to go?



Hi Nigel, long time no see!

I went from an iPad Mini 2 to a CS Ultra and the difference is simply beyond belief :open_mouth:


I don’t get to fly much with the new job. I’m just trying to justify the cost really, maybe they’ll come down a bit in the New Year

From what I’ve heard crystal sky is the best experience you will get.

I couldn’t justify the cost so picked up a refurbed iPad mini 4 from Argos eBay outlet for £210. Does me fine and a massive step up from my S8.

That seems like a plan - I had a look but their cheapest was £300. I don’t think I can really pay much more than £250 and although I’m more Android I think the app seems more stable on IOS. I’m currently using a 7" Acer tablet but every time a new version comes out I’m worried it isn’t going to be compatible.

Yeah I was in the same position. My S8 was buggy at the time so bought an S7 as that was “compatible”. The S7 disconnected more than the S8.

Moved to the iPad mini 4 and it’s been flawless, not one issue.

I stopped upgrading go app and firmware 2 months ago as it really is perfect.

I’d love a crystal sky but just can’t justify it.

There’s a few B grade 16gb iPad mini 4 on eBay from £170 +

Oh I’ll have a look at ebay now then, think the iPad mini is the most sensible route.

Ooh careful. One reason I went from an IPad Mini 3 to a CS was getting totally p****d off with the regular crashes and bloatware. Since getting the CS - not one problem.

Believe it or not but all CS prices are set for a price hike after tomorrow. I had an email from Heliguy about it a couple of weeks ago, the increase was significant which helped persuade me to get a 7.85" HB again.

Right, I’ve gone for a 7 inch crystalsky - Christ knows what I’ll tell the wife when that turns up. One quick question, what do you use to charge the batteries if you don’t own a phantom?


Nice! Tell her it worked out cheaper than the iPad, money conscious and all that. My other half things the mavic was few hundred quid.

I’m starting to feel left out, off to look at crystal sky :star_struck:

Look on the DJI web site where there’s a list of suitable chargers.

Well I got it on interest free so it isn’t that bad I suppose, but having to buy a charger is taking the piss. I’ve got a fancy LiPO charger with a bunch of leads, I’m sure I’ll be able to get that to work - either that or something cheap on ebay.

Congrats Nigel!

You won’t regret it :+1:

Well, you might if the wife finds out :ambulance:

I bought a P4 charger and the Advanced Mavic Hub, then sold the standard Mavic hub and charger. So I still only carry one charger.

The CS batteries last forever on a single charge, it’s amazing :open_mouth:

I need to see the charge point on one of the batteries - I’m sure I can cobble something together. It’s cots me over 600 quid for the monitor and a bracket so I refuse to pay any more than I have to!

My CS came with a charging hub. Does yours?

It’ll be dead easy to rig up a charger as the hub uses a common barrel connector :+1:

Phantom 4 100w specs if of use:

Excellent thanks - yeah it comes with a hub but I need to cobble together a power brick

Please share your charger project with us!

Others will be very interested too :smiley:

it’s proving tricky, and I may be able to get a second hand one for next to nothing. I’m waiting for maplins to get back to me to see if they have anything I can use.