Crystalsky Ultra problems

Got my flying with my new Ultra this week with my Mavic Pro and started suffering with video lag, screen break up and pixilation and finally picture freezing after about 10 minutes.

Anyone else having similar problems?

I’m on version no.

Would be interesting to see the version numbers for those a) having similar problems and b) no problems (lucky b*****s)

Hi Peter, sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the CSU!

Mine runs firmware v02.04.02.00 which uses GO4 v4.1.14 but I also use a modded / custom GO4 on 4.1.22 and I have no issues with either.

First things first, are you using a decent USB-C cable? One end connected to the bottom port of the CS, the other connected to the bottom port of the CS? (Rather than the micro ports on the side of each)

Also, you mention this only started happening after ten minutes of flight, which to me would suggest a signal range / interference issue, rather than a CS issue?

Thanks for replying Rich. I’m using good quality braided cable (Anker) to bottom port on CS I could run one battery OK but on 2nd battery started getting problems, both at short and medium range.
As I only got it last week, I’m sending it back, i don’t want to have to jump through hoops trying to sort it out. Just wondered if anyone else had similar probs.

slightly off topic, i had a similar issue with my moverio glassesa few days ago. so i used a different cable first and problem was still apparent, then i kept in the shade and found the problem resolved. i think the heat has played a big part as we have been around 32 degress in my local area last couple of days. black casing in direct sunlight things get a littl too warm.

You might want a white (or silver!) vinyl wrap for the Moverios @pilningpilot :smiley:

Dodgy battery? Unlikely though… Glad you purchased from a reputable dealer, at least you’ll be able to get a replacement sorted out.

Keep us posted please Peter? :+1:

@PingSpike now that sounds like a good plan. could also cover it using a phone or tablet sheild. worth looking into tho:grin:

Reading this with interest having only just taken delivery of my CSU.
Not used mine yet though.

Btw. Can anyone recommend a source for a good quality braided 8" USB C ?

Rafter, I’m running V2.6.3.0 which tells me I am running current version.
A bit confused as to why yours is different.

I would check your cable because unless you have a very good quality one you can get all sorts of problems. Anker has problems to so get a dji one if you can.

I’ve used Anker for all cables I’ve bought for as long as they’ve been available in the UK, and for one reason. They have all been excellent quality and 100% reliable.
Battery packs, too.
Personally, I’d never buy another make.

Good for you, I am glad yours worked ok. For me I had one which the plug would not go into the Crystalsky properly and I had to cut it back to fit. I bought another and this one gave me video interference like the OP.
So, companies that have their leads made for them and then brand them with their own names do have quality issues when they are expected to perform to their limits in demanding applications.

Another vote here for Anker cables - never had a single issue with them on either Android devices or on iOS. They’re my go-to choice, even more so that a branded DJI cable :+1:

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Ah - so, are we blaming the right manufacturer?
There is a standard size spec for USB socket apertures and plug head molding.

The micro-usb on the MP controller isn’t standard, for starters! DJI have their own asymmetric recess.

Since Anker make for no specific make/model of anything, just to the USB standard, (and whilst I’ve never seen a Crystal Sky) … I know where I’d tend to point a finger. :wink:

@Yorksnproud I thought my version ( v02.06.06.00 ) was the latest. Can’t find one after this.
@PingSpike I got the ones you recommended, Anker.
@pilningpilot The CS UB was susceptible to overheating but I thought the latest version was supposed to have cured it. It does feel very hot to the touch though.

There are quite a few forums where people are having the same problems, so it’s now on it’s way back to Heliguy and I’ll wait until DJI have sorted things out.