Crystalsky Ultra repair

Since we’ve had a nice bit of weather my CS has decided it doesn’t want to play ball anymore. It’s been getting very hot and going pixelated or just a totally black screen. I’ve seen all the posts over the net months ago with people having the same problems and was hoping mine didn’t receive the same fate.

Its with Dji at the moment and apparently they are fitting a new main board, hopefully this will cure the overheating problem. I’m glad it’s under warranty as I wouldn’t fancy paying £425IMG_0797

Eff! :open_mouth:

Yeah that’s not a cheap bill mate!

How long has it taken them so far? It’d be good to hear the process involved?

UPS picked it up from me on Tuesday, it was with them in Holand on Wednesday. They emailed me today saying it will be fixed within a day or 2 and sent back asap to me. So I’m hoping it’ll arrive back to me early next week. Hopefully we’ll still get some warm weather we’ve been experiencing of late to fully test it

Did DJI arrange the UPS mate? Or is the warranty claim going through a UK reseller?

Yes Dji arranged UPS, I bought the CS direct from Dji store before xmas when they had a deal for the ultra for £819

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My 2 week old CSU has been fine and will continue to be fine until a week after the warranty expires knowing my luck.

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That’s usually Sod’s law, which version do you have, ultra or high brightness? It’s mainly the ultra which suffers from overheating.

Edit, I see you wrote CSU