Crystalsky - Yes or No

Hi Guys

I’m looking for some of your thoughts about Crystalsky monitor.

When I first started flying I was using my Samsung S8 for seeing what my MP was seeing, I wasn’t happy with it because I couldn’t read the pop up warnings and it was just so small. So I started looking at tabs. I also briefly looked at the Crystalsky monitor, but I thought how on earth can be worth over £600 for an 8" screen, so I dismissed it and got an 8" Asus tab, I put a matte screen protector on it to cut down the reflections.

Well it was a lot better than the S8 phone, but still I had to keep it in the shade to clearly see it. I tried one of the hood things, didn’t quite fit properly so had to modify it a bit, but to be honest it didn’t really make that much difference.

So now Crystalsky has my attention, sparked by @AllatSea’s ad for selling all his gear, but now tempted to go for a new one, I think the 5.5" will be too small as it is the same size as my S8, so it has to be the 7.85" which is available for £669 from DJI direct or DJI on eBay. That’s for the high brightness, The ultra brightness is £949, too much.

Ah but then I saw the DJI smart controler at £579, but then it only has a 5.5" screen, hmmm why dont they make one with the 7.85" screen.

So any of you that has a Crystalsky give me your advice, and are they really worth it. My mind is moving towards a high brightness 7.85" Crystalsky, it comes with 2 batteries and a charging hub. I would need to get a mount, so I could do the whole thing for about £700.

Suggestions greatly received…

I too have thought long and hard about buying one.

At the end of the day my decision is swayed by having another thing to carry batteries for and that it really is a one trick pony and space sometimes is a premium especially if I’m out on the bike/scooter or walking.

If it was a £300 purchase I think it would be a no brainer.

Yes I have also been looking at the bag I carry all my stuff in, I’m not so concerned about the batteries, they last 4 to 5 hours which is way more than the MP batteries are going to last so would probably only take one out with me. At £300 it would be an obvious no brainer.

hi Aprilcoon
I had exactly the same dilemna and was heading down the crystal sky route for all the reasons you gave until I put one in my hand,

in comparison to the smart controller it felt very unbalanced and heavier and that was the smaller screen so I can only imagine the larger screen would be more so but either way if I were you I would go somewhere to try one. Hobby Mounts in Bodmin are great if you live down west.

Can’t fault the smart controller so far.

Hi Lee
Thanks for your input, I was put off going for a 10" tablet for weight reason. The mounts I have looked are adjustable enough for the Crystalsky to sit over the controller in much the same way as my tab does now so it should be reasonably balanced and a neck strap would help take some of the weight.

The smart coltroller would only take me back to the same problem as I had at the beginning with my phone, it was just too small.

I live in Bournemouth, I don’t know any shops around here selling drones and stuff.

Hi Phil
Just picked up a 7.85” CrystalSky Ultra.
First time I’ve owned one, luckily got it as part of an Inspire 2 setup that I bought secondhand a couple of weeks ago.
I’ve tried almost every combination of screen and r/c. I have to say the CrystalSky is the best screen I’ve ever used in terms of brightness/being able to see what I am looking at. I realise why people love them now.
I certainly wouldn’t want to pay full money for one though.
I had a go with a Smart Controller recently, the screen brightness was really good and I loved the all in one practicality, but for me, the actual display was a little bit small.
I don’t have any issues with balance with the CS, but it is very heavy though as it is paired with a Cendence r/c and a patch antenna. I might look for a decent quality neckstrap or someone recently recommended a remote controller tray, but not sure what that is. Perhaps it would hold my sandwiches :sandwich: whilst flying.
Hope you find something suitable.

The Smart Controller doesn’t work with your drones, though.

Hi there, I did wonder about the dji smart controller for a while, but the price put me off, I know that for some people cost is not really a issue, but there you go.
The other thing was, if the worst happens and the unit was dropped, does that mean that you have then lost both the screen and the controller?
Certainly stops flight when it needs to be repaired.
I have been using a tablet adapter with both the p3s and the m2p, no problem with light and if I really need to I’ve got a sun hood.
All that said if I had a spare controller, and deep pockets, would I have one.?
Quite possibly,
Hope this helps.

You’ll also need to get a charger for the CS, as the Mavic charger won’t cut the mustard :confused:

What tablet are you using?

So what charger can I use?

Really it wont work with an MP?

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Nope - only the M2P and M2Z …. currently.

Need to have a play, and when you sell it on gimme first dibs ;o)

That seems a bit dumb, think of how many they could sell to MP owners. Maybe the software is very different for the M2P

I bought the CS 5,5 monitor secondhand for my mavic and love how it clips to the bottom of the controller when in use, as i dont like the controller screen being covered. Down side is you need a phantom type charger for the batteries which is extra cost (mine came with one). The SC is no good for my mavic as its not supported but i can use the CS with the Inspire 1 we have too. The outputs on the CS are great as it has HDMI out, usb port (to read hard drives) and 2 micro sd card slots. This lets you copy from card to card which is handy if you want to pass images to the customer or play back footage on the CS. The CS also has 32Gb of internal storage too, the 7.8 in has more i believe.
I love how easy it is to read the screen in bright daylight as brightness is 1000 nits plus i also had a screen hood included in the price. The reason the guy sold it was because he wanted a SC.

The same sentiments have been expressed on various threads many times in the months since it was released.

It’s the video link it uses that is only used on the M2 P/Zs that is different to MP and more recent Phantoms.

I currently use the lenovo A tab 10 or the smaller amazon fire with dji go 4 app.
The lenovo works the best and I’ve never had any problems with it.

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OK so what charger do I need?

Of course I will, you know me, will be up for sale in a month :joy::joy:

Well if you want to sell off the CS let me know…
What charger are you using for it?