Cwm Coke South Wales


Taken last Saturday with the P4P, edited with Davinci Resolve with no colour correction.


Isn’t Britain’s industrial future just rosy :scream:
Looks more like Detroit every day…


Nice one Rich :+1:


Really nice! Did you spend the entire day flying backwards or did you reverse the shots in resolve? I think what you’ve just done shows how effective having big objects appear in your peripheral vision is. Also enjoyed how you’d synched up the music to the cuts. Very nice! Must’vev been fiddly?


Isn’t it just :cry:
Nice find with the link, I found a few and have been there before, my nephew used to do a lot of urbex type photography.
I did put a link up last week as it was on a TV show called Hidden Wales but it’s been taken down by YT :frowning_face:

Thank you Paul :+1:

Thank you.
Some of the reverse shots were done in Resolve, I’m not that brave :grin:
Not really fiddly, it’s quite easy once you’ve done a couple, you do get bored with a tune you’ve picked though when you are playing bits of it over and over to get to the point you want to cut, I did alter a few clips a few times as I wasn’t happy and that was more fiddly getting, I could still alter a few now as I’m not totally happy with it but where do you stop?
I also could have made the clips shorter with more cuts but it could have sucked more of my time away :laughing:


Great video Rich and especially like the flying around the chimneys. The one at about 1:40 and then the second to last circle to the down view, that shows brilliant control and planning :clap:


Thank you Brian :+1:


Excellent video Richard

Nice use of music also I’m glad you didn’t get tangled in any chains…

Ok you mentioned time for re-editing clips …how long did it take?
The wife has been out on site working hence the videos I previously uploaded and redone one each day total editing time about 4 hrs each
And i did get that has it’s gone dark all of a sudden no i have lost all track on time…


Thank you Jeff.
I’m not sure how long it took, I was doing it all day yesterday but on and off, I didn’t actually do it in one sitting if I’m honest.
I rendered it six times in different sizes and frame rates just to try on the TV, I’ve not done that before :grin:
I can tell you that it was shot all on one battery in one recording, although it’s as three clips on the card because of file sizing.


See that’s the sort of thing we need to know so we can improve

I shoot in 4k and edit With FCP unpload in 4k so I don’t have to look on my NAS drive to show off when friends come round

Ok onto music my downfall at the moment i use the copyright free from you tube which can be a bit limited
I have used @EricMatyas music but there is so much and different categories i get lost (Sorry Eric)
Never thought of checking soundcloud anywhere else you have found?


Adding music

I never shoot 4k, I don’t like how it looks, I shoot in 2.7k and this time I saved to 1920 x 1080 HD @ 24fps.
It looks great on our 4k Sony TV.
When I open the video files with Davinci I choose “Don’t change” for the frame rate otherwise the video will jump.
I also use copyright free stuff from YouTube and I can spend ours looking for tracks I like, hence why I don’t post many videos.
The music in this one was from HERE

Here are some others, you may need permission or make a donation though, I’m not sure.


Thanks Richard plenty to go at


No problem Jeff.


Very helpful Rich, thanks


It works for me, it might not be the same for everyone :smiley: