Cwm Coke Works

Don’t forget to look up on the Kuula photo.


We have #media:panos category - bumped it over.

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I thought those chimneys would burst out!! :+1:t2:


I guess production moved to Columbia? :wink:


Thanks but I can only see the one now :thinking:

I was quite pleased with the result.

Oh weird! I can see both??

Not sure, I meant to look into some history on the place but haven’t found the time yet.

Coke …. Cocaine …. :wink:

I wonder why I only see the one, I am on the laptop now that I hardly use now but that shouldn’t be an issue :thinking:

Ah, got you :laughing:

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:+1: Yep, showing now.

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Mobile …

That’s a really effective sphere shot MM, :eyes: I think it’s my favourite of the ones Ive seen so far.

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Thank you.

Some more from Monday.
For some reason some of my video has gone wobbly and I don’t know why, the only thing I’ve done since I last shot video is update the NFZ database that keeps popping up, I normally tap ignore, I will post a sample later.