Cwmorthin to Rhosydd quarry Part 3/3

Part 3 of Cwmorthin.
This time it’s a delve into the Rhosydd quarry that sits above the Cwmorthin valley.

I hope you enjoy as this video has taken about a week to edit, re-edit and then polish lol


I enjoyed your video as I have an interest in industrial archeology. I have spent a lot of hours wandering around the Welsh quarries. My last few visits to Cwmorthin were a bit of a wash out because of the weather. My favourite quarry is Dinorwic over in Llanberis. I’ve got stacks of still photos and some drone footage of Dinorwic and when I get some time will put a video together. What did you use to take the ground footage?

Two Sony phones and a not so great PNG phone gimbal (I must upgrade!).
I have some videos of Dinorwic on my YouTube channel, I love Dinorwic. So much Welsh history there and men came from all around to work there (potentially ancestors of mine :thinking:)
I need to venture more in this location I believe there are mines and other quarries to explore too.

Have you been to Maen-Offeren near Blaenau? I went up there a few years back as the old workshops were still relatively intact. An amazing place with old electric train engines and machines. Sadly a lot of it was trashed by scrap metal thieves. Had to dodge the security guys as part of the quarry was still being worked.

Not seen I’ve been droning I haven’t bit it looks good.
Blaenau Ffestiniog was one of our annual holiday destination when I was a kid. I’ve been up and down most of the mines and quarries in North Wales but this one looks new to me :thinking: I’ll have to gather info from my work mates from Blaenau and plan a trip I think!