Cyberlink -powerdirector 365 d-log m

Hi i have been in touch asking if power director 365 support d-log m, i have been told the software does not support it yet. Just thought i would let others know in case you are thinking of purchasing or getting the software to do video editing.

Hi @paulburgh

Your comments did concern me, as I’ve been using Cyberlink PD 365 for a while, and had ordered a Mini 4 Pro with the intent of using D Log M :grimacing:

However, on checking the file types accepted by PD 365, which includes mp4 and is the file type for the M4P, so maybe :thinking:

D-Cinelike worked on PD 365, and although I’m not that technically minded, I thought that D-cine and D-Log are colour profiles, but since the file type is the same that it would be ok :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, I’ve only just received my mini 4 and done a quick inside clip in d-log m, which I’ve been able to import into PD 365 and all seems fine, but I’ll do a bit more testing over the weekend and let you know how I go on :wink:

Just thought it may help?

Cheers, Dave.