Cycling with your Drone

I’ve recently bought the min 3 pro, with the intention of it fitting into my cycle pannier.

I’m a little concerned about the constant vibration that will be there from the rubbish roads round where I live - in fact the rubbish roads everywhere… Has anyone got any suggestions regarding padding, and reducing the vibration whilst on the move…

Wasn’t sure where to post this, so opted for a more general section


I’d probably use one of those petite cycling backpacks, rather than take the risk of vibration damage.

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Well, that’s always an option… :slight_smile:

Does it have to go in the pannier? Would vibration be reduced if it were in a bag slung from your shoulder - or in the pockets of a combat-type jacket?


Mini 3 - in a hard shell - in the backpack. :+1:

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I don’t have a combat style jacket when I cycle, more tight fitting stuff to be honest… Might have to go for a rucksack then…

Depends how you define … sounds large, to me … one of these, however …

… with these …

I use similar for my MP … brilliant to chuck into ANY luggage.

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just to say I have been cycling for a long time with my Mini2 and now my Mini3 in my cycle bag just in the standard case and have not experienced any issues to date. As you suggest cycling and stopping to fly the drone is perfect if you have the right locations

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I take my mavic pro in my pannier on my MTB on & off road, not had any issues. I guess back pack would be better but I hate wearing one, that’s what panniers are for.

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Drones are generally designed to withstand the continual vibration of 4 electric motors and props (just listen to that buzz !), and to cope with the occasional crash and collision from a reasonable altitude.

Perhaps with just some basic padding, they will cope with a little bumping in a cycle pannier ?

(A saddle bag would be better, to make sure it can’t get crushed if the bike falls on its side.)

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that sounds logical…

I’m not struck on a backpack either, hence my thought with panniers. However, there has been the mention of falling off and crushing the drone… so maybe the normal bike bag then.

That sounds good, thank you… glad to hear from someone with past experience of these things… :slight_smile: