Cynghordy Viaduct

My eldest is an absolute train nerd and persuaded me I didn’t need to re-visit Scotland and try and catch the HP Express over the Glenfinnan viaduct when I could drive an hour or so down the road and do the same at the Cynghordy viaduct. Which, I am reliably informed is part of the Heart of Wales line.

So, plans were hatched and off I toddled to catch the steam train. Only, on arrival my eldest texts me to say the steam train is broke, it will be some other engine instead, hmmm.

Anyway, trip had been made so I stuck the drone up and managed to snag a few images. This one is just as the train appeared… I like it despite it not being a steam engine.

p.s. I plan to return to Scotland at some point :crazy_face:


Nice shot, you certainly got it at the right time. Was there a bit of post edit or is that as the drone saw it.

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As I almost always (except when s/w decides to rest values and I haven’t checked) shoot RAW then there is always a bit of post edit from myself.

With this one the brickwork is a bit too purple for my liking and is something I should sort.

And here it is again, this time with the purple fixed. It appears I forgot to check / set my white balance.


Much better!! :+1:

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das bedder !

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That looks like a ‘rail tour’ class 37 pulling the coaches…Despite being a signalman, I don’t have too much of a clue. The Victorian signalboxes are now being phased out (long overdue) and I work at a computerised work station dealing with hundreds of trains per day image


Whereas my eldest boy would be one of those chaps in your middle picture with a white helmet.

Basically you now play Sid Meier’s Railroads for realz!

My son has just confirmed that the engine is indeed a class 37.

Here’s another couple to give him a thrill