Daily Mail claims drone at 14,000 feet buzzed FBI Helicopter

If it is in the Dily Mail it must be true …

FBI hunts pilot of ‘heavily-modified’ drone that flew into the path of a Customs and Border Protection helicopter and sparked a high-speed chase 14,000 feet over Arizona

  • A ‘high-powered’ drone ‘orbited’ a US Customs and Border Protection helicopter in February, and law enforcement continue to track down the pilot
  • The drone was modified to reach 14,000 feet and speeds over 100mph with a range of 70 miles
  • The FBI said the drone made ‘erratic maneuvers’ and flew into military airspace
  • The ‘unsafe operation of unmanned aircraft’ became a federal offense in 2018 with the passage of the The Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act
  • Andrew Rene Hernandez, a 22-year-old Hollywood man, became the first person charged under this law and was sentenced to probation a a $500 fine

The full story can be read by clicking the link below (warning: the page demands your adblocker must be off)


Strange that a Customs and Border Protection helicopter (not Customers as they say), that’s used to patrol and surveil the Border (so obviously fitted out with sophisticated equipment) couldn’t take a picture of it! Must be made of the same invisible material as the Gatwick drone.
How did they know what the modifications would allow it to do?


I smell…yes, that’s right. Manure :smiley:



Bull plops :man_shrugging:

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I saw daily Mail and came here for the comments :joy:

I wouldn’t put a copy of the Daily Fail in the bottom of a gerbils cage personally…

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That’s what give’s us dront pilot’s a bad name

I’m sure I’ve seen a drone that may fit the bill mentioned somewhere here before lmao. Just kidding of course.


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Military ufo lol. Trained spotters didn’t get an image either, hmmm :thinking:

Worth noting that although they don’t specifically state the helicopter was at 14,000ft when the alleged drone buzzed it, the type of helicopter involved has a max altitude of 15,000ft and its crew would need to have been on oxygen at anything over 12,000 - and few if any helicopters have breathing oxygen supplies fitted

It didn’t happen on 01 April did it? Or was the drone a Predator? :rofl:
Personally, if the Daily Fail said it was Thursday I wouldn’t believe them without checking another source.

Well said, I really don’t know how they survive. I mean it’s not even suitable as toilet paper.