Damaged Mavic Pro with several extras

So here is my listing for DJI Mavic Pro

Damaged DJI Mavic Pro for parts only.

Faulty drone powers on but will not connect to controller.

controller powers on but will not connect to drone, possible gimbal issues, cracked chassis (see picture)

Mavic Powers up, 3 batteries defiantly work 4th one not to sure on.


DJI small bag,

hard carry case,

several accessories,

Charger with USB ports


tablet holder,


single battery connector for charger,

quad battery charger,

in car charger,

landing gear extension.

Polar pro nd filters

Link goes to eBay

Damaged Mavic Pro

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Are you trying to sell here or just heads up to your fleabay auction? If looking for a buyer here have you a price in mind ?

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Sorry just a link to my eBay auction.