Darley Abbey footbridge installation with a massive crane

This is my 4K drone footage of the Darley Abbey footbridge installation which took place on Friday 23rd September 2022. Really glad I went to capture this moment, the drone was the only way to actually get such a good view of this as the area is surrounded by a lot of trees.
I kept my distance from the operation as there were a lot of ropes and wires around so didnt want to hit anything, the advantage of filming in 4K is you can zoom in on stuff post edit.
It took 25 mins to move the structure in place so I sped up the footage by 8 times.


I had no idea this was happening. Not that it matters as I was working anyway.

I think I used the old bridge about 3 times in the 30 years I’ve lived in and around Derby.

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I only heard about it on the radio yesterday, I finish work at noon Fridays so went straight there. Ive not used the bridge many times either but for the locals its a nightmare without it.

Great interesting video. I’m feeling really restricted in what I can shoot with a Mavic 3 seriously thinking about getting a Mini.


Thanks, ah yes at 895g your quite limited what you can do with that. I love my mini2.

Nice work mate, living in Derby myself I always find your vids interesting plus they prompts me to blow the dust off my own mini and get out there and film something. Iv used the bridge on a number off occasion as the Darley Abbey circular walk encompasses it.

Last time I heard everyone if slopey shouldering who owns it as the council say its the people who own the mill and there saying its nothing to do with them :roll_eyes:

Either way keep up the hard work mate :+1:t3:

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Great video, nice one.

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Very nice footage and the music complements it very well. Did you manage to secure a “post-upload” sale of the footage?

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You would miss the camera quality though ? I feel the same about my mavic air2 just can’t afford to consider a mini2 at the moment, perhaps next year


I think that’s where I am also with the Air2. It’s too good to get rid of at the minute.

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Thanks, glad you enjoy my videos, Ive got a ridiculous amount of footage still to be edited together to the point that Ive had to make a list so I dont miss any, currently I have over 100 videos to edit together!
Ive got Newcastle and Shrewsbury videos to edit soon.

Yes Darley abbey bridge was handy wasnt it, must be a pain for the locals while its been out of action.


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Thanks, I always spend a lot of time choosing music and lining it up so it fits with whats going on in the footage.
“post-upload” sale ? whats that?