Darwen Jubilee Tower, Lancashire. Mini 3 pro

The first ‘proper’ flight with the Mini 3 pro in May, after waiting weeks for the fly more. Aided by the Air 2S.
Lovely little walk up to and around Darwen Tower, it was a shame the fences and portabog were still erected due to the restoration work going on for the Queens Jubilee.
The views from the top of the hill on a nice day are spectacular :grin:.
All comments welcome as per usual. Cheers :+1:


“Present’s” - no need for apostrophe!
Done work lovely though!

Yer known what, you wouldn’t think I have an O’level grade B in English would you? :rofl:. I’m showing me age there aren’t I!
Well noted, and God knows why I’ve started putting one in, my original graphic never had one​:thinking:,nice one for pointing it out,and a big thanks for the comment :+1:

Great Vid , what software do you use to edit the Vids

Yes! :wink: I am guessing by your username that you were the last year for O-Levels, like my sister, born in '71. I was born in '72 and was the first to take GCSE’s :face_vomiting:

Nice vid and edit by the way :clap:

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Thank’s for the feedback👍, always muchly appreciated.
Davinci Resolve 17 studio version (their isn’t much difference between studio and free). It can take a bit of getting used to compared with other software, but stick with it, it’s quite cool and it also uses your GPU for rendering out, as opposed to some software just using your CPU.

Yeh, last year for O’levels, cheers pal, I feel just that little older now :grin:.
Thanks for the comment Chris , always welcome from a seasoned pro👍

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Thank you for your prompt reply , please keep posting to inspire us beginners , ie me

Haha, cheers mate👍. I think I need a bit of inspiring meself half the time🤣.
Download the free version of Resolve and have a go, there’s tonnes of help on YT, I’ve found Casey Faris quite helpful, he’s quite funny on the sly but most importantly he describes what he’s doing in a simple way👍.