Dave Case for the Mavic Pro (Hard Case)

Hi All

Wanted a decent hard case for the Mavic Pro. Lots of them are a bit small for what I needed. I wanted to get everything in with space to spare. Bit of choice out there, Peli case, MC Case or Dave Case.

So, my Dave Case arrived from “The Case Farm”. First impressions are great. It’s kind of a budget version of a Peli case but tbh it’s well worth Pugh enough for my needs. Great case.

Hope the pics work.

Available from


Looks good to me :+1:t2:

I’m a big fan of hard cases @andyb and that one looks ideal :+1:

Curious though, what’s under the square with the hole in it mate?! :thinking:

Space for whatever you need. I put the car adaptor in there for now.

If anyone wants better pics or more detail, let me know. They were done in a rush!

Corrr, I like it a lot

Which model of the case is that, on their website?

I think this case deserves extra kudos for simply being called ‘Dave’ :sunglasses:

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Its the Dave Mavic pro 430 case.


Thanks Andy !

Ok who has 6 Mavic pro batteries bit overkill tbh
Ok note to self find a whiskey flask the size of a Mavic battery

At least we’re still good

Now if you carve out 3 battery spaces to fit the above - you could actually get pissed.


I wonder if they are compatible with the Mavic 2 pro

Ok I was joking @joe.k as part of the PfCO you are not allowed to drink 10hrs before flight
It’s in me manual so must be true
They do say drinking helps you forget …hick

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Didn’t think for a second that you were being serious . Was going along with you .
I have enough trouble going through my pre flight checks being straight let alone stoned , I mean pissed.

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Joe you must have big hips looking at the size of that…

I discarded the leather like hip career as it dwarfed my hip. Too conspicuous !
But I put it to use 3 days a week and fits nicely in my bag.

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6 Battery size compartments, plus one in th mavic…Fit in them what you want…lol. Yeah, especially at £85 a pop :slight_smile:

Don’t think about buying an Inspire then, @PingSpike will tell you :wink:

@MementoMori did you just say an inspire
How many inspires do you have…?