Davidstow Cornwall

Does anyone know if it’s ok to fly on the Davidstow disused Airfield?

Hi @Ron and welcome to Grey Arrows mate.

I’m not familiar with the area, does it show up on the NATS app with any warnings?

Hi Ping, thanks for the reply, not that I’ve seen but to be honest I’m still trying to learn everything and finding it very difficult to navigate the Nat’s and AIS websites.

The UK’s highest ever airfield.
Landed a Piper Cherokee on it many years ago … some time after it had already closed operationally.
Got the permission of the farmer that owned it … but it took about ten lower, and lower, fly overs to get the sheep off the runway enough to see which bits were still suitable.
Chances are I was the last person to ever land a plane on it.

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Old Post I know, but a question from a newbie. Are drones allowed at Davidstow? Local info is contradictory. I see all sorts going on there, but just would like to know! Thanks

Dronescene is your friend (no restrictions)


Cheers mate, getting to grips with flying. Now confident to get some footage of the moors with the camera. I’m really amazed by the wealth of experience and information you all have. Thank you for your prompt reply

Hi Rich,
The last time I flew on Davidstow was a two or three years ago before I did my pfco, although it doesn’t look like there are any restrictions, apart from looking out for microlights, I did seem to attract the attention of a police helicopter, not knowing then if I was allowed to fly there I packed up and drove off just in time for him to come hovering back over the hedgerow to hover about 30 feet above where I was. I know a model aircraft club use it regularly so I don’t see any reason why a uav would not be allowed.

On a completely non-relevant tangent…That name was a blast from the past. I vaguely recall the first time I drove a car it was there. I had forgot that!

Hi Ron, there’s always cars and bikes buzzing about on what’s left of the tarmac. I see a few others having a fly around with their’s, but if anyone gets carted off in handcuffs I guarantee it will always be me! It’s a very open space and I would like to get some footage of the moors and perhaps make it my local for a buzz around. Just wanted to see if anyone knew of any issues I should be aware of. Thank you for your reply

Flowerbot, it was a good training ground for learner drivers. I think most of Bude and Camelford can agree to that :+1:

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If I’m not mistaken I think they have now banned learner drivers from practicing on the airfield.

Well that’s about right! Thought it’s an ideal place for nervous learners to start off before driving on a main road.

It was…or in my case nervous vehicle owner of course :wink: