Davinci Resolve 16.1

Hi guys I am currently trying to finish my first video which I have edited in DR. My old eyes are not great at telling if the clips are how I want them as the screen is small. It’s only when I render it then upload to you tube and finally look at it on my 55 inch TV.
Done this successfully about 4 times then I go back and change something like add another clip or change saturation or contrast etc then render it again. The last one I did last night rendered complete not showing any issues, now I normally save the video to my remote hard drive but when I try and open this one it shows me the title but had black screen no picture and then I get a message saying that it cant play "item is unplayable - please reacquire the content " 0xc00d36e5 heeeeeeelllllllpppp what do I do next rerender it or scrap it and start again :thinking::upside_down_face:


As a first step I’d save the project, reboot the computer, open the project and re-render.

I have already done the first bit so I will rerender as you have confirmed thanks for your input, is there a way of attaching a second monitor that you can see the full screen picture or is that costly?

I only use a laptop, and flipping to full screen (Ctrl+F) I find I can review OK with the single screen.

Adding an additional screen depends a bit on your computer and the outputs it has.

I can’t help with the Davinci error @Scubadave63 but could you not connect your computer to your TV using a HDMI cable, then edit it on the big screen?

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I’ve tried that - but unless I move closer to the TV I don’t find it really helps … it’s all that looking at something close, then further away, then close malarkey.

A second screen at the same/similar distance works best when I’ve tried it.

Without spending £££ I’ve found that flipping to full screen and back is quick, easy, free, sufficient.

This is good information guys and thanks for the input, I will upload the video on here for all your valuable critic and feedback, I have already improved things since I started this little project in August, made many changes to the Mavic Pro camera settings and gimble yow rates etc, I can’t help notice some smudging in the corner of some of the early shots of my neighbours in their canoe’s which I think was partly due to camera settings but also maybe due to the filters, which I know are the cheap type the sunnylife set, I may have to invest in some polar filters what do you guys sudgest?

Let us know if the new render plays OK.

What are your render settings set to?
This bit …


… and which program is your default video viewer? VLC?

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Everything the same accept Resolution which for some reason is set at 3840x2160 ULTRA HD but i am sure it was set like this before and worked for at least 6 renders before and how do I find the VLC I am running windows 10 does that help.? sorry for being a moron not very PC minded.

Depending on your computer … ultra HD could be the issue, and H265 could most certainly be a problem for it should you have selected that. (Many computers can struggle with H265 decompression in real time.)

Try 1920x1080 H264 and check that works OK … then find out which change causes the problem.

VLC can be downloaded from here :
By far the best video player.

Ok I will try that later and thanks so much for all your help, I am running IPVanish I thought it might be that causing the problem so switched it off and tried again but no joy. I also tried the CTL + a but nothing changed does that only work in edit or colour?

Yup. In the Media and Cut tabs, too.

There’s no real benefit to be able to see full screen during the render. All the tweaking will have been done by then.

You are a star I changed the resolution to what you said and it worked not sure why it stopped I uploaded 4 other versions of my video and all went happily before at least I’m learning something I must find some time to sit and read the manual. Thanks again :pray::clap:

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No probs.

Nobody has that much time. Almost 3000 pages. :wink:

Take a look at https://www.learncolorgrading.com/

Plenty of free tutorials for DR - well structured - well presented and, despite their name, it’s not just colour grading.

Same goes with their YT channel.

I’ve leant a lot from their stuff over the last couple of months or so.

I don’t know if it’s still the same but at one time HP wouldn’t honour the warranty on laptop speakers if they found you had VLC installed.

That was some weird, crazy rumour.

No, I had a friend who took his HP for warranty repair and the refused to repair it under warranty because he had VLC installed.

I am so great-full to you guys, I always think it’s better to get advice from your mates (how I see you guys now) I am learning fast though especially as I only got my drone in August and started shooting this video as a bit of fun and part of my learning to fly my new (second hand) drone having never done anything like this before, never been into photography before never touched video editing before so in a short space of time I have learned soo much which is good for this old (young at 63 :joy:) mind