Davinci Resolve Crashes

Hi Guys

Following loads of advice from you all I installed Resolve on my laptop while I was in India, got the hang of the basics and produced my first video.

I have installed it on my Dell all in one at home and it just keeps crashing, I have followed a few tips on various forums, uninstalled and reinstalled. Just the same it keeps crashing, it seems random although when playing the timeline it often crashes.

I was happy with it on my laptop but the screen is too small, so do any of you guys have any ideas.

Whilst I don’t know what the specific issue for you is, I do know that their customer service has been reported as excellent … so that might be your next step.

Re their support …

does it crash when dealing with large files or when rendering?
if so your computer is probably not powerful enough to handle it.
recommended at least 512gigabite of ssd and 16gig ram with a graphics card and at least 4gig graphics ram.

Whilst my current laptop is that kind of spec, I’ve had it working with a lot less without a problem … other than being slow, that’s to be expected.

very true that is just the specs to run it at optimum speeds.
if you have a lot lot less than recommended however you will experience crashes and freezes.

You could connect your desktop screen to the laptop?



I had resolve crash a lot on my old laptop with 8GB ram. I put it down to cache issues.

My new laptop crashed a few times. I updated Nvidia drivers and it’s not happened since although might be a coincidence.

I’ve became really good at saving project after every change, has became second nature lol.

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Well it works fine on my laptop which is not near those specs. my desktop is an i5 4210M CPU @ 2.6GHz with 8GB ram, display adaptors AMD Radeon HD 8690A, Intel® HD Graphics 4600. A 1TB Hybrid hard disk, it has 32gb ssd on as well as 1 tb hdd. Just installed an update for the AMD Radeon

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My laptop is also an i5 but newer with 7200U CPU @ 2.5GHz, it 8 GB ram and a 512GB ssd with 206GB free space.

So niether have graphics cards with dedicated space.

I’m only working on a small titles project with a photo and some text, no video at all yet, so it is only a small file.

fair enough…
again the recommended specs are for optimum performance.

The larger files are the challenge.
especially uncompressed raw video files.
things like large video file color correction and video rendering are what you want a good graphics card for.

Just a heads up if its working with titles. I for one know that Premiere struggles more when working with titles compared to ripping through videos. Might just be the case with Resolve too!

Well I have some good news regarding Davinci Resolve and my computer, they asked me to send them some hardware reports and the crash reports, and recommend me to check on AMD’s site for driver updates, I had already checked for updates from device manager and it came back as there was not a better driver available. Davinci Resolve sent me a link for AMD’s driver update page.

I could not find an update for my particular AMD GPU, but I did find an auto-detect and instal app, so I downloaded that and ran it, it took quite a while but eventually asked for a restart to complete a new driver installation.

Did the restart and checked the AMD GPU in device manager and there was an updated driver. So fired up Davinci Resolve and it has been fine ever since, not done much since but have repeatedly done what used to cause it to crash with no crashes.

I must say I am very impressed with the customer service and the speed with their response to me contacting them even though only using the free version. So if you have any problems get in touch with them.

This a link straight to their support centre, you can call them or email them, which is what I did.



Very impressive service. Not much of that about these days. :+1:

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Yes I was very pleasently surprised, was exchanging emails with the same guy each time, I hope that is not because he is the only one, but whatever he was very helpful,

His name wasn’t Leonardo was it?


No his name was Matthew, very helpful