De icing props?

as we are heading into a cold spell and having come across icing of props, I was wondering has anyone tried smearing Vaseline on their props to prevent icing up in sub zero temps?
I am thinking of trying this myself next time out and keeping that set separate (in a poly; bag) just for icy conditions :thinking:

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I wouldnt use vaseline as its petroleum based and will degrade plastic.

A fine ceramic or silicone coating would be ideal.

I used Angel Wax H2GO on the car windscreen and water just beads right off. Frost also finds it hard gripping to the screen. One coating lasts months.

Something like that or Rainex would be my choice.

Whatever you use though check it’s safe on plastics.


So did you get ice on your props this morning?

yes icing toward the tips and on the leading edge, not heavy but visible, wish id taken photo of it.
@callum yes I know what you mean, I do have silicone spray which is safe on plastic but will research it first.


Silicone spray is probably way too heavy.

You need something like wax or rainex (silicone based) that buffs off and leaves a microscopic invisible coating.

Your wanting to make the surface of the props hydrophobic without affecting air flow. That way the moisture or ice will slide right off.