Deganwy Quay Marina North Wales quick fly around!

Seemed rude not to take a quick video while taking a challenge snapshot. Super place Deganwy with the marina and rail line prominently featured in the small town with Llandudno, Conwy and Snowdonia a stones throw away!


Nice quiet little place this, beautiful back drop of Conwy castle behind. I took some footage around July, still gotta put together. Nice vid​:+1::+1:

Cheers. Look forward to seeing your footage. :+1:t2: I thought it was untouched by social issues and a perfect place to retire to! Everything looked pristine and well looked after. Beautiful place that you’d just pass through to get to Llandudno. :hugs:

We literally only came back from llandudno on Friday, spent the day at Deganwy on the Thurs , lazed about in a coffee shop on the front, had a bacon sarnie or two. Really lovely place :+1:.