Derby Inner ring road revisited, how it looked way back in 2009 before Lara Croft Way & Mercian Way

I have loads of dashcam footage from back in the day, before dashcams were a thing I would put a camcorder on the dash to record and its really odd seeing a drive I do every day but 15 years ago.
Do you remember 15 years ago before Derby inner ring road was completed?
I have got dashcam footage from way back in July 2009 and thought it would be worth revisiting it now, so much has changed on this route.

This video shows a trip around Derby’s Inner ring Road in July 2009, a few months after this the route changed as the final section of the ring road was completed, connecting Stafford Street with the top of Bradshaw Way. Those two final sections were named Lara Croft Way and Mercian Way.

This was part of the £36.2m Connecting Derby scheme.


Andy that was great!
Anything from 1981??
I started travelling from Willenhall to Newcastle upon Tyne back then and every time I travel along the bypass now I struggle to recall the original ‘town’ route.
Must admit Derby is one of the places that’s got it right for through traffic though….

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Brings back memories Andy. I can remember St Alkmunds Way being built way back in the late 60’s :rofl::rofl:

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In 1981 I was only 12 and only had a 110 compact camera no video of course

glad you enjoyed it. I bet you’ve seen rather a lot of changes over the years.