Derelict farm

Went out yesterday round the Trough of Bowland. I packed my drones, the Typhoon H with 3 batteries, and both the Mavic 2 s, the zoom and pro so 4 batteries for those.
Started at Jubilee tower near Quernmore. Got the Typhoon H out. Shit! I had left the props at home. so got the Pro out and took some footage of a crap sunrise and decided to head off through the Trough. I got onto the tops and the roads became more and more treacherous. As i went down a hill i came head to head with an AA truck stuck on the ice and blocking the road. After recovering from the shock of sliding on the ice and missing the truck, i reversed back up the hill and took another route and spotted a derelict farm, yes if i was 20 years younger with a few hundred K in the bank i would try and buy it but I’m not and i haven’t so just took a video instead. then headed to ribblehead but that had scaffolding up so i wasn’t happy with the images i would have got. so just had to settle for having finally done some Ice flying.


I see snow! So this also adds the Ice Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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I didn’t think flying down a hill towards an AA tuck with all 4 wheels locked up and me praying to every god known to man counted. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Video or it didn’t happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve seen some spectacular car toboggan runs in ski resorts over the last 50 years. :+1:

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