Designing Mavic 2 skins... Ideas peeps?

I’ve got the creative urge and decided to design some skins for my Mavic 2’s, if I can come with some decent ones I’m going to make some prototypes. The ideas so far are an old RAF SAR Seaking livery, Red Arrows livery and the A&AEE stuff is quite nice too. Then madness… Star Trek Shuttle craft :wink: But the Millennium Falcon could be a winner lol. Ideas Peeps???

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Star Wars X-Wing

it could have legs…:thinking:

Beyonce :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the SAR idea.

Will you be making some for sale, I have a Mavic 2 Pro and would be interested.

Good luck with the prototypes, I look forward to seeing them.

You could paint it with gold or silver model paint.


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Before i spend any time doing it properly what do you think?


I’d love to dust the ole airbrush off but I was thinking something a little less permanent! However… a seed has now been planted :):wink:

I like this look

Now if that was also in a luminescent glow in the dark skin I would defo be interested

Thats a fabulous look. :ok_hand:

Looks brilliant!