Detroit drone flying near US Navy Blue Angels - I think he might end up in prison!

Dont know if anyone has seen this already. What a colossal bellend, droning is over for everyone!

Updated video:

Original YouTube link (now offline):

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Just watched this on t’other forum.

I have been VERY shocked by ALL the drone activity I have seen since joining here and getting my first drone the MM.

Honestly back 25 years ago all the activity done by dornies today wouldve been considered foolish and irresponsible. Every single thing that drones do today other than simply flying in an open field miles away from anyone or anything.

It is a result of the auto flight thing. Drone = self flying.

Imagine what could happen one day if we get self driving cars. Automation reduces the brain. It makes people less able and less intellegent - kind of like group think by algorithm.

Fair description :slight_smile:


I’m not 100% convinced that was shot with a flying drone. To clarify he could have been on top of a skyscraper and hand held. Plus I think the view of the props getting in shot is wrong.
If he was in flight he/she’s a complete fucktard.


Also an excellent description :rofl:

I bet he owns one of them “assault rifles” too, type of intelligence that’d look down the barrel, pulls the trigger to see the bullet coming out of the barrel… :astonished:


Let’s hope one of the Navy Pilots manages to catch up with the drone owner for a safety briefing.

There’s a follow up video both the Navy and Detroit citizens would be happy to see.

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The other forum has already descended to its usual arguing… probably get locked soon.

New regs or software limits added, all go ape and complain. about new regs or software limits…

Some twat posts a video breaking the regs, all go ape demanding new regs and software limits…

some ol same ol.

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Did anyone watch this before it was pulled ?

I did and it was bloody frightening, can’t imagine what would have happened if the formation was slightly to the left. The drone operator couldn’t have known there flight path when he set up this shot, he could have been right in amongst them!!!
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Yes, what a fucking idiot !.
I hope he gets all he deserves.
Rant over !.

I missed this unfortunately. Sounds very serious.

@GrahameRob looks like that video has been pulled from YouTube now.

Got another link we can update your first post here with?

For all the good work people like ikopta and @ianinlondon and indeed the whole committee here do in spending hours helping/advising/qualifying/teaching etc etc, just one idiot like this ( and even if its fake footage the damage is the same ) it undoes all the good relationships, and the hobby bites the dust under tons of legislation.

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Thought it might get pulled so I screen recorded it, hopefully you can do your magic and post it.


Top man, thanks @GrahameRob - first post updated :+1:t2:

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What distance do people think he was away from them? Bearing in mind a wide angle lens on a drone…I’m going with 25 feet

You can see the propellers at one point, and during the “close flyby” he’s far too close too be in a building.

Far enough away to not be affected by the wash of some seriously fast jets :grimacing:

Yeah, that got me too - the wash from them is horrendous - a drone would be smashed by it.