Diagnostic help plz? No imagery

Ok, not pretty but a testament to how tough these little buggers are that everything still works fine apart from one thing, visuals. I get a good connection to the controller and goggles, and see telemetry, but zip imagery from the camera. Is that likely to be as simple as “ze camera eez busted” (in which case I do have another) or is there some other explanations to knock down before swapping components? Any advice? Diatone 349 + tree.

If you have osd but no video check the connection from the cam to the fc. If that looks ok try connecti g the cam direct to the vtx. If it’s a fail o. Both of those then you it’s probably dead

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Thanks bud! I’ll give that a red hot go

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It alive!!! All systems go… Just need to get a new shell… Tough little buggers eh?

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I’m gonna guess you’re having more fun build these things than you are actually flying them @tom.at.rye ?

I think that’d be the main attraction for me, the hands on fettling :+1:t2:

Tbh I prefer the flying! (although still a beginner going around in circles in a field) But they’re intriguingly simple, modular machines so its amazing that you can basically fly one into the wall, pick up the bits, glue em back together again and awa you go!

It’s also an excuse to improve on the original.

A couple of months ago I had an unscheduled landing with my 300 size racing Hex which resulted in a completely destroyed frame. Thankfully all the electronics survived, and I have a few boxed replacement frames. The upgrade is to replace the CC3D flight controller with a mini-APM and GPS, I might add some ultrasonic and LiDar modules, and turn it into another autonomous minion.

Nothing wrong with store bought but building my own allows me to formulate my plan for WORLD DOMINATION!!!

I think I’ve spotted your modded drone doing some missions for trump in Iraq haven’t I? Do you need any special CAA registrations when you carrying warheads?

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