Digital FPV.....DJI vs HDZero vs Orqa vs Walksnail vs openhd.....?

Those are hd.

Know anyone ? :thinking:

Arhhhhh HDMI and analogue input! FFS

If you say so… :rofl::rofl:

Ahhh poop. Well I guess it’s tech world. If we all waited for the next best thing, we’d never buy anything!

Damn I fancy getting a wing …

Example OpenHD flight (not mine), Laptop as ground station. Air unit I believe Raspberry PI.

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Walksnail 4K ?

Just watched Mads video on it, good they getting there, but usual CADDX half arsed release, it’ll get there :slight_smile:

Shudda kept that Walksnail VRX :slight_smile:

I try and avoid the hype train… I fell for that trap once before and it almost killed the hobby for me. Now I’m just happy to fly what I have because trying to keep up with the latest hype in this hobby is a sure fire way to kill the enjoyment… Moving from analogue to DJI almost killed the hobby for me because I priced myself out it… once I felw HD I found it extremely hard to fly analogue again… So once I smashed my only HD quad at willington power station. I found myself not being able to afford to fix my HD quad but now struggled to find the motivation to fly my analogue quads so therefore just didn’t fly… So now I’ve promised myself to just enjoy what I have and avoid the temptation of the latest hype train :+1:t2:

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I touched on this the other day, and looks very very interesting

Add whatever camera you like (OK 720p/60fps HDMI output only) to vista/OG… Thermal camera? lol.

Basically HDMI > MIPI convertor

I’d love to know if you could switch multiple inputs. Go Pro as the solo camera. Adds another few ms, so cruising planes or drones, but. Be interesting that video when it comes out!

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Now available. 45 quid isn’t bad. If anyone wants to send 720p/60fps from hdmi to any DJI goggles then, well now you can

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