Digital or Optical zoom?


The Pro has a 23mp Sensor, while the Zoom is 12mp, that’s a sizable increase in sensor.


Thank you Ian, that all makes sense. I suppose I was thinking that maybe the extra 2X digital zoom actually does some fancy interpolating whereas cropping to the same FOV will just give fewer pixels.

It is such a difficult call. I guess I need to watch more comparison videos :grinning:

That super-res is pretty good. and the church is excellent. Thanks again.


I guess the short question is, for a still image, from the same height, which will give more detail in the same field of view, the MP2 cropped by 2 or the MPZ zoomed by 2?


Ash I’ve got a pro and not a zoom but here’s my opinion looking at other people’s zoom stills.

The M2P is a cracking camera and personally I think it gives a more pleasing image than the zoom. It’s main strength is dynamic range and sensor size and really shines in high contrast scenes or low light.

The zoom on the other hand I feel is slightly sharper than the pro and at 2x zoom has more fine detail. In video mode it is definately sharper but I’m not sure if this is artificial.

For your needs a zoom might be more appropriate.

Take a look at sample images and you might see what I mean.

They are both great cameras and even though the zoom shares the same sensor size as the original MP it is definately a step up.


Thanks Callum. That’s sort of decided me because when I read your post I found myself being disappointed :grin:

I think I was hoping everyone would say get the MP2 - no comparison, because I like the camera and the big sensor.


Whilst doing my degree in photography I was told don’t waste your money on expensive zoom lenses, just stand closer to what you want to photograph.

There is also the old adage that prime glass is always better.

If you’re a photographer the full manual control on the M2P is of more use to you than the M2Z, in my humble opinion.

Also at the end of the day, its only a tool and the majority of the skill is all behind the lens not in front of it.


Thanks Chris. I also studied photography (with 5x4 Sinar monorails etc), so I understand fully. I also used to use a Hasselblad in the studio, so I have a fondness for the brand. I’m pretty much decided that the M2P is the one.
I believe it was the war photographer Robert Capa who originally said “if your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”.


Or as Ansel Adams put it

‘A good photograph is knowing where to stand’