Dinorwig Slate Quarry

Managed a couple of hours out at the quarry - made a change having no camera bag, just the trusty MPP even tho the weather wasn’t that good.




Nice Bridge Ted ;o)


I never thought of that !!! :+1: lol

Vid just posted of the flight for anyone interested,
Slate is a bugger to film, in the shade its purple and in the sunlight it shines like a demon.

Agreed @milkmanchris you should enter that in the bridge comp @silverfox682 :+1:t2:

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I will have to look back at how to do that - living on this flat, barren island I don’t enter comps as rarely are any of the features close enough, but i might just put this one in lol But thanks for the comment tho :+1:

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@silverfox682 Just go and post it in this thread


But hurry as entry closes today I believe! :+1:t2: