Dipton Woods

A few weeks ago I posted a couple of screen shots in the photos section (and the Autumn colours contest - congrats to Sir G). But I wanted to do a closer up video. After what seemed an age of poor weather - cloud, wind and rain, a fine day yesterday, so I managed to get the sequence I wanted. Unfortunately recent gales had stripped some of the trees of their leaves, but the reddish light of the low Sun (and a tweak of saturation in the editing software!) helped to compensate. The location is in Hexhamshire, Northumberland. Nice woodland walks and the beer at the Dipton Mill Inn from their in house brewery is (imho) the best in the area! It’s just visible in the shadows to the left of centre during the return flight. Fimi A3 drone, 1080P video.

Cheers and keep well,



Hi Peter,
Amazing footage from a well flown drone. Are you based in Hexham? I’m over in Ovington and sometimes fly around Slaley Woods. Dipton Mill Inn was shut 3 out of for times over the last year :persevere::persevere:

Thank you! Yes I live on the edge of Hexham, near the racecourse with great views over Hexhamshire to the South and across Hexham to the Cheviot in the North. You may have seen my (only) other video of Langley Chimney, on the way to the Carts Bog, another nice country pub in the area. But the Dipton Mill, which again alas is closed, is my local, only 15 minutes walk downhill and 25 minutes stagger back up :wink:

Several ideas for future videos, but sadly at the moment travel very limited due to the Covid restrictions. Maybe by next Summer…