Hi all i swiched on my mavic with the controller and my goggles but iam not getting the mavic camera on my s8 i did a few weeks ago but not not on the dji go 4 app its saying disconnected ans help please this as never happened before please help thanks robbie

I think iv found out why apparently the dji servers are down my dji go 4 app wont connect to my mavic on the mavic forums people are having the same problems

Hmmm… not sure of the relevance of DJI server availability.

I fly in airplane mode, I don’t even have an internet connection?

Personally, I’d swap USB cable before anything else :slight_smile:

I need it but its all working now thanks for the input cheers

Glad you’re all sorted, did DJI confirm any issues do you know?

They said to do things but i uninstalled it left it for a few hours then reinstalled it then it worked mad so dint know for defo if it was the server just people saying the were having the same probs m8 but all gud my end now cheers

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