Distance test

just test if I could get more than 2Km from one battery , did it easily and still had %55 battery left. this is a test for when I go to Scotland , I plan to fly near a disused torpedo testing site , over water. so I picked a safe area to find out

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Nice,the MP2 can manage twice that with ease. Have had 4 miles plus on mine and %22 battery left.
SO if flying above the water,just keep an eye on the battery levels,and you will be fine.Not forgetting of coarse the wind conditions!! :+1: :+1:

the wind was quite strong at ground level and the drone spent %50 of the time flying backwards, so I am confident it will do what I want it to do

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That,s the thing ,you will get more out of your battery when moving,as apposed to a hover.good luck,looking forward to seeing the footage,when you have time!BTW when you landed in the vid,i thought that would make a good desktop background… :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :+1:

I love abandoned sites,make good urban exploration sites and brilliant drone footage,enjoy,not jealous,honest!!! :+1: :+1: :rofl: :rofl:

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You must be referring to Arrochar on Loch Long. Spent many a day in during early 1980 running up and down the Loch in an O class submarine, firing torpedos’ at the targets as part of testing on fire control system upgrades for the Mk 24 “Tiger Fish”.

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The company i worked for was the main manufacturer (Laurence Scott & Electromotors) of the Torpedo Electric Motors that were used by the Navy.
Would like a pound for everyone of them i wired & cabled up !.

anyone know what is left of it now , the google map image is from 2017?

One of our type 24 torpedo motors powered the torpedo that sunk the Argentina battleship Balgrano in the Falklands conflict.

One of my all time favourite spitting image sketches, thatcher explaining the exclusion zone.

Funny how things stick in your mind

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Pretty much just the same.

Drove past it tail end of last year. Couldnt get stopped at the old entrances on A83 and traffic was pretty heavy.

Had no idea what it was at the time.

Are you flying over to it from other side of Loch?

that’s my plan, its nearly a 2 km route. hence this test

My last flight was 33126ft over 16 minutes and landed with 24% battery.

That’s over 10km.

You should be able to reach other side in under 40 seconds in sport mode and have loads of time for photos.

my planned route for the flight

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Kilchurn castle is around 45 minutes drive from Arrochar.

Another great place to fly with stunning scenery if you have time.

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im on a coach tour , there are excursions but i`m not really bothered about them, of course the weather is a factor I cant control . but lets hope for the best. maybe members could get a weekend away sorted

Check out my range test it may give you some confidence, let us know how you get on