Disused reservoir - Perthcelyn, Mountain Ash, S.Wales

This is the version created by the drone (Mini 3 Pro) I need to get used to editing the panoramas (pulling out the right colours etc) created with the RAW files to get higher res images. The ones I’ve played with so far look a little flat compared to this.


This is the same image but on Panooe.

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Would this be a good place to organise a meet-up @MrSpongeHead ?

I am loving the 360’s Still trying to work ours out.

There isn’t a lot of parking in this area (none at all really as I had to park just to the side of a fields gate), and not sure if there is really enough for other people to see. It can be quite windy as well as it’s right on top of the mountain.

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Good to know, we’ll cross that one off the list then :smiley: